Well, I’m back. The time is 00:50 and here I am. Admittedly the title is somewhat self-deprecating, and so I shall start this post with “what I been up to” since I was last here.

I can already sense the excitement.

So, in the last few months, I’ve been promoted at work, planned a holiday, saw a grizzly exhibition on dead explorers and visited a seaside town during arguably its most vibrant time of year. Jheez, that was a long sentence.

I originally had more to say, I’m sure. But it’s late and I’ve run out of steam. It’s tough to list off a bunch of interesting or noteworthy things at 1am so cut me some slack.

And I think that’s the problem with horrible, vague, insincere questions like “So what have you been up to?” or “what kind of stuff are you into?” There’s just never an answer that’s good enough.

Now I’ll admit, my list of good things wasn’t exactly breaking any records, but I’ve had a good time getting up to those moments too. And sometimes I think that’s better. When people, especially old acquaintances or ex’s you haven’t seen in a while, ask what have you been up to, people tend to panic. They try and think of the most interesting things that have happened so that they can reel them off like a CV.

The truth is, the person they’re speaking to doesn’t really care. And that’s not me being a cynic about it either.

Think back to the last time you asked someone that question. Be honest, did you really care what their answer was? Or were you just hoping to find something interesting to help move the conversation along?

Now, this isn’t true of old friends, at least good old friends. You know the ones I mean. They tend to be the ones who, no matter how much time has passed, can still make you feel embarrassed about that time you were 15, passed out drunk on a friend’s kitchen floor. Ah memories.

I maaaaay have also just read a blog post about friends and food, so the slightly sickly ending to this is going to be blamed on that. Yup.

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