It doesn’t take long for someone’s worldview to change. Think about Copernicus for a moment. Or better yet, put yourself in the shoes of the first person he told his groundbreaking discovery to. He wasn’t the one looking at the stars, the one trying to understand the cosmos. He was just (for argument’s sake, I actually have no clue) an ordinary guy who, one day, woke up and was told everything he’d ever known about the universe was a lie.

That was one night. One night between knowing nothing and knowing everything. One night for his entire worldview to be completely and irrevocably changed.

For us ‘norms’ in the modern era though, such paradigm-shifting ideas rarely come about. Or if they do, they appear in a boardroom, with every single person in that room determined to privatise and monetise whatever grand idea they have for as much profit as possible. Google anyone? Okay, a little too cynical.

But the truth of the matter is that change comes slowly. Glacially in some cases. For the vast majority of us, despite all the positive thinking and optimistic posturing, actually changing something, whether it’s a behaviour or a habit, can be extremely difficult. Monday’s ‘You’ can do everything right, can go for that jog first thing in the morning, can stop themselves having that habitual cigarette after lunch, can hold off on eating that last slice of pizza at dinner. Tuesday’s ‘You’ is a lazy slob who woke up late, chain-smoked and ordered KFC all for himself. Okay so I know I’m painting a ridiculous picture here but I guess what I am trying to say is, change doesn’t happen overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day. You can’t run before you can walk. Am I missing any others?

Essentially, take each day as it comes, take every step knowing it’s just that little bit further than where you were before. If you take enough of those small steps, one day you’ll turn around and realise just how far you’ve come.

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